Each one-hour episode of INTERVENTION profiles people whose dependencies or compulsive behaviors have brought them to a point of personal crisis. INTERVENTION has a long, proud history – with Emmy-Award nominations and 20 seasons and counting, it is a series that is literally part of the American lexicon. At its core is intense family conflict brought to resolution – the most reliable, enduring formula for success in syndication… to this very day. 


- Format: One-hours

- Utility: M-F strip or weekends

- Barter: 8:00 Local/7:00 National

- Delivery: Five (5) episodes delivered weekly, via Pathfire

A proven franchise with staying power that has consistently delivers large audiences

* Delivered a high of 1.4 M A25-54, 1.5M A18-49 and 2.2M P2+
* Every season has out-delivered A&E's prime time average 
* Top 20 ranked non-fiction show of 2019 (A25-54) 
* Continuously ranks in the Top 10 shows on A&E (A25-54) 

Source: Nielsen Media Research National MIT, Live+SD, prime 8-11 PM, S1-S16c, YTD 

3/6/05 thru 2/16/17

Sample Episode - Sierra
Sample Episode - Sylvia
Sample Episode - Sturgill
Sample Episode - Kacy
99999 Ratings

Here are sales highlights for Intervention, for the week of Feb 1-7. Comparisons are based on shares with 2 decimals.

San Francisco, KOFY (IND) M-F 12:00m and Sat 11:00pm

As a M-F Strip... Intervention is more than 6 times stronger than its News lead-in, with HH.

On Saturday... Intervention almost doubles itself compared to its last sweep, with W18-49 and W25-54.

Atlanta, WATL (IND) Sat 2:00am - Rises +13% over Cheaters from last year's HH time period. Great self-improvement, soaring +63% over its own Jan 2021 HH delivery.

Houston, KUBE (IND) Sat 4:00am - Tentpole TV, standing above its lead-in and lead-out. Lead-in gains are infinite with HH, while W18-49 (+17%) and W25-54 (+16%) also rise. Intervention is more than 12 times better than last year's time period with W25-54, while HH more than double. The show is more than 8x better than its own delivery last sweep, with W18-49 and W25-54... while HH more than triple.

Washington DC, WDVM (IND) M-F 1:00am, Fri 9:00pm, and Sun 2:00pm

As a M-F Strip... Intervention is Tentpole TV, infinitely up over its dead Forensic FILES lead-in (0.00), while its First 48 lead-out goes to sleep (0.00), with W18-49.

On Friday... Intervention more than doubles itself compared to the latest HH sweep.

On Sunday... Intervention rises +29% over its own Jan 2021 HH delivery.

Phoenix, KPHO (CBS) Sat 2:00-4:00am - More than doubles its lead-in with HH, while W25-54 are infinitely up. More than 5 times better than the Movie in last year's time period with W25-54, while HH rise +15%. Great gains over its own delivery, compared to the latest sweep, with HH (+21%) and W25-54 (+50%).

Detroit, WADL (IND) M-F 1:00am, Sat 11:00pm, Sun 12:00m

As a M-F Strip... Intervention is superior to prior programming in the time period last year and last sweep: +16% stronger than Protection Court/Cheaters last year... and +20% over its own delivery last sweep, with HH. Trending up over the past 3 weeks in HH, too.

On Saturday... Intervention is infinitely up over its Whacked Sports lead-in (0.00) with HH and W18-49. Builds upon its own Jan 2021 success -- more than 7 times better with W18-49, while HH almost double. Riding a 3-week upward trend with W18-49, too.

On Sunday... Intervention is Appointment TV, infinitely better than its Bob's Burgers lead-in (0.00), while its Forensic FILES lead-out is dead (0.00), with HH and W25-54. The show is also infinitely up over last year's time period with W25-54.

San Diego, NFMB (CW) Sat 4:00am - More than triples itself year-to-year. Infinitely stronger than its lead-in, too.

Nashville, WNAB (CW) Sat 5:00am - Vaults +82% over Comedy.tv from last year's time period.

Kansas City, KSMO (IND) Sat 4:00pm and Sun 8:00pm

On Saturday... Intervention improves upon itself compared to last year (+65%) and last sweep (+72%).

On Sunday... Primetime Intervention is +31% stronger than the Movie in last year's time period. The show is also infinitely up over its sleeping (0.00) lead-in.

Las Vegas, NVCW (IND) Sat 2:00am - Tentpole TV, soaring +60% over its Cheaters lead-in, while its lead-out declines. More than doubles itself vs. last year... and last sweep.

Providence, EPRI (IND) Sun 12:00m - Appointment TV, more than doubles its Blackish lead-in, while its Heartland lead-out heads downward. Intervention jumps +44% over its own delivery in the last sweep, too.

Source: NSI WRAP Multi-Market Program Tracks; Week of 2/1/21; Comparisons by 2-decimal share in Live+SD; Last year is Feb 2020; Last sweep is Jan 2021; Lead-in comparison is prior 1/4 hr to full program average