The Listener is Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) a charismatic 30-year-old paramedic with a secret: All his life, he has been able to tune in the thoughts of others. Toby struggles with his abilities until he discovers, through a chance encounter with Sgt. Michelle McClusky of the Integrated Investigative Bureau (IIB), how his gift can help solve crimes. He joins IIB as a confidential informant and realizes his gift can help others in more ways than he imagined. Toby isn’t above having a little fun with his mind-reading skills, offering his buddy and EMT partner, Oz Bey, an edge with his playful exploits. After all, even adrenaline junkies need to cut loose once in a while.


- Format: One-hour

- Utility: Weekends

- Barter: 7:30 Local/7:30 National

- Delivery: Two (2) episodes delivered weekly, via Pitchblue

- Originally broadcast on NBC in primetime

- Partners - FOX, ABC and CBS O&Os, Sinclair, Nexstar, Meredith, Scripps, Tegna, Gray, Hearst, Cox and many more

- Proven ratings track record, top performer in weekend procedural drama blocks

Sample Episodes
Bank Job
Sample Episodes
Buckle Up
Sample Episodes
In Our Midst

Here are sales highlights for The Listener, for the week of Feb 1-7. Comparisons are based on shares with 2 decimals.

#1 In The Time Period

Baltimore, WJZ (CBS) #1 - Fri 3:00am

HH, W25-54, M18-49, M25-54, A25-54

Nashville, WTVF (CBS) #1 - Sat 2:30am


Jacksonville, WJAX (CBS) #1 - Sat 1:00am



New York, WWOR (IND) Sat 10:00pm - Listener improves over Dateline from last year's time period with HH (+1%), W25-54 (+34%), and A25-54 (+4%). The show builds upon its own success compared to the latest sweep: HH (+45%), W25-54 (+60%), A25-54 (+19%).

Chicago, WMEU (IND) Sat 2:00pm and Sun 1:00pm

On Saturday... Listener more than triples itself compared to the latest sweep with HH, while W25-54 and A25-54 are improved, too. The show is infinitely up over its dead American Ninja Warrior HH lead-in (0.00). And, it's trending up over the past 3 weeks with HH, too.

On Sunday... Listener more than triples last year's HH time period, while A25-54 are +58% improved. The show builds upon its own Jan 2021 levels, too: HH (15 times better), A25-54 (68x stronger). Riding a 4-week upward trend in HH, while A25-54 are on the up-and-up for 3 straight weeks.

Philadelphia, WPVI (ABC) Fri 3:30am - Superior to its Tamron Hall lead-in with HH (+43%) and W25-54 (+11%).

Dallas, KTXA (IND) Sat 11:30pm - Appointment TV, standing above its NCIS: New Orleans lead-in, while its Nashville Insider lead-out declines, with HH, W25-54, and A25-54. Lead-in gains are double-digit percentages: HH (+19%), W25-54 (+20%), A25-54 (+15%).

San Francisco, KBCW (CW) Sun 3:00pm - Afternoon Appointment TV, vaulting over its Nightwatch lead-in, while its Major Crimes lead-out falls downward, with HH, W25-54, and A25-54. Lead-in gains are huge, almost tripling with HH and A25-54, while W25-54 are infinitely up.

Washington, WDVM (IND) Sat 2:00am - Tentpole TV, with an infinite increase over its sleeping (0.00) lead-in, while its Forensic FILES lead-out simply dies (0.00), with HH. Listener almost triples itself, compared to the Jan 2021 sweep in HH.

Boston, WSBK (IND) Sat 2:00am - Replaces Movies last year and last sweep... and soars upward. Vs. Last Year: HH (+20%), W25-54 (+53%), A25-54 (+30%). Vs. Last Sweep: HH (more than triple), W25-54 (more than double), A25-54 (almost double). Significantly better than its King of Queens lead-in, too: HH (+24%), W25-54 (+26%), A25-54 (+20%).

Phoenix, KPHO (CBS) Sat 1:00am - More than doubles its Major Crimes lead-in, with HH.

Seattle, KONG (IND) Sat 1:00am - More than doubles its Whacked Sports HH lead-in. More than doubles over its own delivery in the latest sweep with HH, too. More than quadruples itself year-to-year with HH.  

Detroit, WMYD (IND) Sat 12:00m - Vaults over American Ninja Warrior from last year's time period, with W25-54 (+83%) and A25-54 (+78%). Builds over its own success from Jan 2021: HH (+83%), W25-54 (more than 6 times stronger), A25-54 (more than 13x better). Rises above its Right This Minute lead-in: W25-54 (+24%), A25-54 (+12%). Trending up over the past 3 weeks in HH, too.

Miami, WBFS (IND) Sun 2:00am - Improves +16% year-to-year with W25-54.

Sacramento, KMAX (IND) Sat 1:00am - Infinitely up over its Major Crimes lead-in with HH.

Portland OR, KPDX (IND) Sat 12:00m - Listener is trending up over the past 3 weeks with HH. It's now more than 5 times better than it was in Jan 2021 with HH. 

Raleigh, WLFL (CW) Sat 8:00pm - In primetime, Listener more than doubles itself compared to last year... and last sweep. The show is riding a 4-week upward trend, too.

San Diego, KGTV (ABC) Sat 2:00am - More than doubles its News lead-in. Improves the Jan 2021 time period by +13%, too.

Baltimore, WJZ (CBS) Sat 3:00am - #1 in the time period with HH, W25-54, and A25-54. Improves the time period over last year... and last sweep. Vs. Last Year, the show more than doubles in HH and W25-54, while A25-54 almost double. Vs. Last Sweep: HH (+49%), W25-54 (+90%), A25-54 (+85%). Listener also rises above its Major Crimes lead-in with W25-54 (+13%) and A25-54 (+2%).

Nashville, WTVF (CBS) Sat 2:30am - #1 in the time period. Soars +70% over Murdoch Mysteries from last year's time period. Jumps +43% over its Murdoch Mysteries lead-in, too. Builds +56% over its own Jan 2021 delivery, too.

Salt Lake City, KMYU (IND) Sun 9:00pm - Listener outscores NCIS: New Orleans from last year's time period by a whopping +54%. It's also +79% stronger than its own delivery in Jan 2021.

San Antonio, KCWX (IND) Sat 9:00pm - Primetime Appointment TV, jumping +19% over its Movie lead-in, while its Friends lead-out declines. Trending up over the past 3 weeks... results in great gains over itself last year (+19%)... and last sweep (+9%).

Kansas City, KMCI (IND) Sat 2:00am and Sun 4:00pm

On Saturday... Listener soars +56% over Leverage from last year's time period. The show is also infinitely up over its lead-in.

On Sunday... Listener is Afternoon Appointment TV -- vaulting +67% over its Right This Minute lead-in, while its Weather Gone Viral lead-out declines.

Milwaukee, WDJT (CBS) Sat 4:00am - Listener improves +46% over its Jan 2021 score. And, it's even better than Leverage from last year's time period (+1%).

West Palm Beach, WPBF (ABC) Sat 2:00am - Listener is +21% superior to the Carbonaro Effect from last year's time period. The show also builds +59% over its own Jan 2021 delivery.

Source: NSI WRAP Multi-Market Program Tracks; Week of 2/1/21; Comparisons by 2-decimal share in Live+SD; Last year is Feb 2020; Last sweep is Jan 2021; Lead-in comparison is prior 1/2 hr to full program average